Hello everyone, Welcome to the Poland Syndrome Bodybuilding!. Some of you may know me from Instagram or Youtube, for those who don't, welcome to the PS community. 

Thanks to a Special few I now have a website too. Now the movement can continue at full speed!

The goal here is to raise Poland Syndrome awareness and continue to help others like myself. Hopefully we can motivate both the youngsters and elders,and share valuable infomation between us, So be sure to check out the blog for regular updates and motivation.



(p.s thank you fay for your encoragement, none of this would have been possible without your help, forever greatful)


Any advice given from me (nutritional, training) is from my own personal experiences and trial and error, I am not a qualified personal trainer or nutritionist. I can only provide suggestions and knowledge from experience, do your own research and always be safe when performing any kind of weight training. the blog is always open for support and questions.